Dear Diary:

It's been insanely hot here for the last few days. The only thing that makes it at all tolerable is that I can walk out to the pond, strip down, and join the frogs and goldfish. We live deep in the woods, there's never anyone but us around.

Normally by this time of year I'm fairly tanned, but we've had unseasonably cool weather before this, and my skin is still very pale.

So, anyhow, last night the spousal unit joined me in the pond to cool down. As we're floating along together he gives me the once over, and his eyes crinkle with tenderness. There's an endearment coming, I can feel it.

"My little baby beluga," he says, says he.

Beluga as in white whale, eh.

A tip for any aspiring Romeos out there:

If you're hoping to get any sort of um, er, ah "action" during this millenium, calling a woman a white whale will NOT increase your chances.

Trust me on this, because I KNOW.

PSSSST-- Lobster Zombies Walk Among Us. Pass it on.

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