Dear Diary:

I'm thinking we can all agree that It Is A Bad Sign when you walk into a theatre on a Saturday to see a movie and there are four other people in the theatre.

You know you're REALLY in trouble when the movie, which has been advertised as a comedy, begins with an impossibly stupid battle to the death between two computer animated scorpions, one white and one black.

Can we say, "pretentious, overwrought symbolism" boys and girls? Why yes, yes we can!

So if you're looking for one of the six people who saw 3,000 Miles to Graceland yesterday in St. Albans, Vt., hey, you just stumbled into the diary kept by 16.5 % of the audience.

I would be the extremely cranky 16.5 % of the audience who was muttering, "Well, that was a piece of ca ca" when she was leaving the theatre, in case you were wondering.

Now if you live for extremely violent action films with holes in the plot big enough to drive an armoured truck through, by all means run, don't walk, to this movie.

But if you were looking for the sort of movie the ads on TV suggested--a comedy featuring Kevin Costner and Kurt Russell dressed up as Elvis impersonators--then you been robbed.

(Although there would be those who would say that paying $5 to see Christian Slater in this movie dressed as Elvis was worth it right there. It's always interesting to be at those moments when a once promising actor drives yet another nail into the coffin that was once their career.)

Value for your entertainment dollar is a hard thing to quantify, eh.

The most frustrating thing about the whole movie was that even I could see that with a little bit more work on the script it could have been a keeper. Except for the scorpion thingie. Ewwwww, that was just sad.

The Loyal Order of the Moose.Want to know the entertainment high point for me yesterday? (Yeah, like you have a choice about this or something.)

Yep, it was spotting this clubhouse down the street from where we ate an early supper.

Hrm, maybe we should change the name of Team Newkirk to Loyal Order of The Moose. It has a certain gravitas to it I find appealing PLUS there's already a keen clubhouse where we can meet!

Decisions, decisions, decisions.



There has been an outpouring of sympathy for the plight of one small moose. The incredibly cute and deeply talented Paul of Rilting fame has even made a button for the Do It For The Moose Campaign.

Here's where the instructions are on how to get it.

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