Dear Diary:

Elizabeth II, Queen Of The World, has one of those plastic singing fish up at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. She has it mounted by her piano and plays duets, joining it in a vigourous rendition of that timeless classic "Don't Worry, Be Happy."

I'll just give you a moment to process that image.

Okay then.

In other related news, I've recently read that the penis, the organ that puts the "tri" in tripods, could well be an afterthought, eh.

See, it looks as if we all go back to an Eve who was hanging around about 150,000 years ago, but the furthest back they have proof of tripods is 80,000 years.

You do the math, guys.

So how could these two bits of news:

1) a diamond tiara owning woman unwinds by singing with a plastic fish AND

2) tinky winkies were not standard issue equipment, they're one of those options, eh

so, um, how could these two bits of news be even remotely related? (And aren't you glad to know that you've hit this month's Mandatory Penis Entry, which means I will probably not mention male genitalia again in November?)

In a word, Glassdog.

Both odd little factoids came to me through Glassdog's Memo newsletter, a quirky little document that's been randomly landing on my hard drive for over three years now.

I get a number of other odd little web-based newsletters such as this and it hit me this morning that I get more of my news filtered through the quirky vision of virtual folk than I do from more conventional news sources.

Somehow, this makes me giddy with happiness.

You may now go back to whatever it was that you were doing.


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