Thursday, May. 02, 2002
Dear Diary:

It was raining hard today when I woke up. It's not easy to find something good in a cold wet gray day, especially when there's a lot to be done outside, but I tried.

I consoled myself with the idea that at least it wasn't snowing.

I'm committed to work at our little community's annual Spring supper on Saturday and to make 15 pounds of potato salad for it, so I decided that since I couldn't work outside I'd motor into town and get my groceries over with.

It started to rain even harder. Fine.

I consoled myself with the idea that at least it wasn't snowing.

I had on a supposedly rain proof spring jacket, but just running from my car to the bank and then from my car to the grocery store left me cold and wet. Fine.

I consoled myself with the idea that at least it wasn't snowing.

All the way home it was clear the rain just wasn't quitting. I started the quarter mile ascent uphill into our yard and almost had a conniption.

There are no words for how ticked off I am by this snow, eh.You guessed it. Part way up the hill, because of our elevation, the temperature dropped low enough that we got snow when everyone below us was getting rain.

I was fuming when I got out of the car. Oh man, I was steamed. I mean, my beloved gardens are just beginning to get over the last freakin' snow. This is absolutely the last thing they or I need.

So Mr. Man I Was In A Mood when I grabbed up a big whack of groceries and began stomping up the porch stairs towards the front door. The self same porch stairs that were coated with about half an inch of extremely clear and extremely slippery slush.

Oh, and what was I wearing on my feet?

Why sneakers, of course!

Know how it's really, really funny in a movie when someone laden with groceries slips on something and they go flying and everything they are carrying goes flying every which way?

Well, take it from me, it's much, much less funny when it happens in real life.

Oh, and know what's even less amusing? When you realize that your heating pad, which looks perfectly humongous, is not large enough to cover your very tender but obviously oversized buttal area.

Tomorrow will be better, right?


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