Dear Diary:

When we first got our satellite dish late last year, I joked that we seemed to have bought the All Star Trek dish. Every time I walked by the TV, my spousal unit was watching Star Trek.

Odd, I thought. All these years of living in the mountains with only a handful of clear TV channels meant we had missed a big whack of pop culture. Lots of other shows to catch up on, so why this Star Trek fascination?

Seven of Nine, aka Jeri Ryan, the reason why my spousal unit is such a Star Trek fan. Then one day I happened to catch his expression when Seven of Nine came on the screen. It all became clear to me, but just to make sure ...

"Jeez, that outfit's so tight I'm surprised she can breathe," I said, said I.

"HER? I'm surprised *I* can breathe," the hub blurted, clearly in hormone overdrive.

Good thing we were just weeks shy of our 25th anniversary. I spared his life under the "must have a spouse to actually celebrate a major wedding anniversary" rule.

But it was close.


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