Dear Diary:

Well, I was whining in here the other day about how I don't have a life, and in response got an e-mail from my other reader (Paul at Rilting) explaining how simple it would be to change this.

Now I'm sure you're thinking it would involve some sort of personal growth--something along the line of a night class, a new hobby, maybe volunteer work in my community. In other words, change.

Oh puh-LEESE, you KNOW how I feel about personal growth and/or change. (If I was rolling my eyes any harder than this you'd be grabbing the Yellow Pages and looking for Exorcists who make house calls.)

My box of Life, guarded by demon cat from hell a.k.a. Zubby.  Don't even think about taking any part of MY Life, eh. Nope, Paul offered the perfect solution for those of us who live in a busy consumer-oriented society.

You can buy Life.

By the box.

So I got me an insanely big box of Life (which I am training Zubby to guard) and can now proudly say, "Yes, I have all the Life I need."

That was easy, eh.


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