Saturday, Apr. 12, 2003
Dear Diary:

"Your cat is leaking again," I told the spousal unit.

We were outside starting on the yard work now that the snow is disappearing, our cat Zubby basking out in the sun watching us. Even the cat was giddy with spring, purring loudly even without being petted.

For reasons known only to himself, Zubby drools slightly when he is supremely happy. This afternoon he drooled enough that the long fur on his chin turned into a sort of spiky goatee. It was pretty silly looking.

This glorious day was a balm for my poor battered soul. Last night my beloved Dordi Nordby and Team Norway lost to Team Canada in the World Curling Championship semi-finals in Winnipeg.

After a last minute reprieve, it all came down to the final rock in an extra end. I know that, like me, you were all transfixed, mesmerized by the slow slide of that circle of granite down that endless aisle of ice. With a small ker-chunk, followed by a bounce, it was all over.

You can well imagine how conflicted I was, what with my split loyalties between the team I have adopted and my homeland. By the time that game was over I was drained, I tell you, drained--a mere shell of a woman. I consoled myself with the fact that at least it was Canada.

And then ... and then ... and then this afternoon.


I need a moment to compose myself, swallow the enormous lump in my throat, blot my stinging eyes.


Now I can say the words out loud.

This afternoon Team USA won the Women's World Curling Championship, beating Canada. This is a major upset.

The only way I can explain the magnitude of this upset to people who aren't fans of curling (and really, that would be what, two or three lost souls, right?) is to say that this is akin to Wile E. Coyote actually catching the Roadrunner.

Needless to say, I am still reeling from the enormity of this. First my beloved Dordi Nordby and now my homeland, The True North Strong And Free, swept away in a sport that honours ice, rocks and unfortunate fashion choices. I mean, really, if EVER a sport had Canada written all over it, it is curling.

And now ... now ...

All I can say is that sometimes life can be very, very cruel.


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