Sunday, Apr. 28, 2002
Dear Diary:

Yesterday Paul tuned up the lawnmower because I figured I'd be cutting grass.

Me cutting the grass was one of the deals we made back when we built the place. See, the home farm where Paul grew up has HUGE lawns and the spousal unit grew up cutting endless grass. He always swore that there wouldn't be ANY grass at any home he owned because he was never going to be chained to a mower ever again.

So when we built this place I promised that if he would let me have grass, I would be the one to mow it. I'm not crazy about cutting grass, but I wanted an open area of green around the house to frame my gardens.

We got a buttload of snow today.  Somebody make it stop NOW.Today was to be the day when the grass got the first mowing of the year, a kind of rite of passage, acknowledgement that yes indeed spring was here with summer not far behind.

After lunch today, when the weather changed, I decided that maybe I could put it off mowing for a few days.

Um, yeah, that's snow.

Which is perfectly fine up to and including the first week of April. Then it has to disappear so I can begin gardening.

Clearly someone did NOT get the weather memo, eh.

My poor spring darlings, smacked upside the head by a late storm.The worst part is that I put off taking pictures of my daffodil meadow because I figured it wouldn't peak for a few more days and I wanted to capture it in all its glory.

Better luck next year, right?


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