Sunday, Apr. 21, 2002
Dear Diary:

I've made no secret of the fact that Harrison Ford has been my Personal Lust Object for years.

I have my needs.

Well, with the news that he's involved with Calista Flockhart I'm afraid I have to admit that My Lust Has Waned.

I can just see the two of them, out for a romantic candlelit dinner.

"Ah, c'mon Calista, splurge. Go for it. Eat that third kernel of corn."

"Oh, Harrison, you KNOW I can't binge like that."

And with that image, I had to let Harrison go. It wasn't an easy decision, because there just aren't that many men out there that fit My Personal Lust Object Needs. I'm old as dirt and I want someone who's close to my age bracket But Not Sean Connery who is even older than dirt and was probably around when they invented fire.

You can imagine my distress.

I have my needs, after all.

So last night the spousal unit and I went to the movies and we saw "The Rookie". Like the reviews said, it's an excellent movie that ran a bit too long, but still well worth seeing because it has some truly amazing, nuanced performances.

Oh, and it has Dennis Quaid. Dennis Quaid looking incredibly sexy, with deep laugh lines around those gorgeous eyes, and that killer smile and ... is it just me, or is it incredibly warm in here?

Oh, wait, at my age we could be talking about a hot flash, eh.

Nevertheless, I would like to announce that whatever tiny flicker of lust I might have been carrying over for Harrison as of last night was completely extinguished.

Dennis Quaid is now my New, Improved Personal Lust Object.

Meg, honey, you were a fool eh.


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