Wednesday, Apr. 24, 2002
Dear Diary:

My buddy Eddie lent me one of his CD's and so thanks to him I've been listening to a lot of hip hop sounds lately.

Surprised you with that, didn't I, eh? Bet you didn't think that a 50-something woman like me would be into the hip hop.

Now I'm betting that you're running a lot of names through your head, trying to guess what kind of hip hop would appeal to me.



Nappy Roots?


Ja Rule?

Nuh uhhhhhh.

Give up?

Okay, it's these guys:

Frogs and toads.  It doesn't get more hip hop than this, eh.

Hey, who has more hip hop cred than these guys? I mean, they LIVE the hip hop. It doesn't get more real than that, right?


P.S.--Although I'm pretty sure this is outlawed by the Geneva Convention, I hear some of you are reading my archives.

My friend who hosts the images for that part of my diary changed his domain name, so I have to go through hundreds of entries and change the address for those pictures. It's very time consuming and at the moment I'm only up to May, 2000.

Yes, yes I DO love you enough to perform this amazing bit of drudgery. Eventually, I *will* get caught up and you *will* see the pictures. Patience, Grasshopper, patience.

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