Dear Diary:

We Canadians share a border with the most powerful country on the planet and yet we are smug in the knowledge that we have something they don't have.

Is it our clean air?


Is it our large reserves of good water?


Is it the fact that we are blessed with an incredibly cute, smart and lovable population who say "eh" a lot?

While all the above facts are true, none of them are the one Canadian asset which reduces our neighbours to the south to tears.

A fully clothed Kinder Surprise. That asset? Why KINDER SURPRISES, of course!

And while we at MarnCo try to keep Marn's Big Adventure completely free of all things which could be construed as either smutty and/or sexual, well, there is no way to explain Kinder Surprise goodness without a Kinder Surprise strip tease.

Try to keep yourselves under control, 'kay?

A Kinder Surprise free of its constricting wrapping, as nature intended it. So here it is, the candy seductively arrayed on it's wrapper. You might think you now know everything you need to know about a Kinder Surprise, but you would be soooo wrong.

Like a clever woman, this bon bon does not give up all its secrets at first glance.

Omigawd, look, there's something inside the chocolate egg! It's a mystery, wrapped in an enigma and hidden behind the fridge! What could it be?

Awww, it's a mommy cat and a kitten!

A kinder egg hatches. Kinder kitties!  Yayyy..

Even more kinder goodness. And here's a few other Kinder Surprises we've gotten over the years, magical little bits of assemble it yourself goodness.

Another race of people would be all mean and nasty and rub it in that they have such wonders in their lives and that other folks .:cough:. 'Mericans .:cough:. have to lead empty meaningless lives devoid of Kinder Surprises.

But no, we Canuckians are a gentle, thoughtful race.

Neener, neener, neener we have Kinder Surprises and you don't!

Um, did I just say that out loud?


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