Tuesday, Jul. 30, 2002
Dear Diary:

I saw on the news last night that the Canadian Women's Lawn Bowling Team is facing off against the British team for the gold at the Commonwealth Games today over in Manchester, England.

Sheesh, where's my head? As if you all haven't circled today in red on your calendars! I'm sure those of you who aren't going to be able to watch this stirring contest live already have your VCR's programmed.

Oh be quiet.

I'll bet competitive lawn bowling is every bit as exciting as curling.

In fact, I'm sure of it.

Until last night's news clip I didn't realize that such a thing as lawn bowling existed, let alone existed as an international sport.

I'm also guessing I may have glimpsed the one summer sport that I might want to take up since it looks as if it involves a minimum of actual physical activity, completely excludes running, and it appears that it only takes one hand.

This would leave the other hand free for that all important summer pastime of Holding The Cold Beer.

Yes, after careful consideration I've decided I could get behind a sport like this.

Hrm. I wonder if they have a "Lawn Bowling For Dummies" book?


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