Thursday, Dec. 21, 2006
Dear Diary:

I spent the afternoon with my mom-in-law and I have to tell you, it didn't start out well. I walked into the room and she was curled in a fetal position. Her skin looked grayish.

A close friend came in to visit and she could barely open her eyes. Her pastor came in and the same thing happened. Her lunch came in, and I coaxed her to eat a few mouthfuls of yogurt. Then she waved everything off, wouldn't eat another bite.

She kind of tensed up and I could see she was about to make a big effort to say something, something that really mattered to her. Expectantly, I lowered my head so my ears were close to her lips. As I held my breath, I hoped for some sort of profound connection between us, perhaps even her blessing. Then she croaked:

Chicken McNuggets and a small order of fries.

I must have looked as stunned as I felt, because she took a deep breath and said it again, this time quite loudly and quite distinctly:

Chicken McNuggets and a small order of fries.

So I grabbed my coat, motored off to McDonalds and bought her Chicken McNuggets and a small order of fries. When I walked back into her hospital room and opened the bag, filling the room with the sweet smell of grease, you would have thought that the archangel Gabriel himself had alighted in room 236 of a small town hospital.

She managed to eat two McNuggets and maybe four fries. I was ordered to take the rest of the bag to the nurse's kitchen and deposit it in the fridge because, bygawd, she was going to have some more for supper.

I'm chortling as I write this. Every time I think about this it cracks me up big time.

Today was my 32nd wedding anniversary. My mom-in-law threw my wedding for me and we held the reception at the home farm. We spent at least half an hour reminiscing about that day, and I was simply amazed at how clearly she spoke. We even laughed a bit, and it's been a while since I've seen her laugh.

She grabbed my hand just before she fell asleep and every so often I could feel her squeeze it. Too tired to open her eyes, she wanted me to know that she was still aware I was there.

Yep, just when I think I know what's coming next, my mom-in-law throws me a big curve. Chicken McNuggets. I never would have predicted that.


P.S.�I would like to thank my three loyal readers for the comfort you've given me, for sharing your own experiences and perspective. It's been a tremendous help.

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