Dear Diary:

Despite the fact that two seconds after I walk out my front door I can no longer remember what groceries I need to buy, you'll be thrilled to learn that I still know all the lyrics to "Last Train to Clarksville".

I came to this stunning revelation because the treadmill TV at my gym was turned to the Today Show yesterday and they had a segment about The Monkees' 2001 Comeback Tour. The band performed the song live and to my amazement I was able to sing along.

We won't mention the fact that Last Train To Clarksville was released in 1966 or about 200 years before 90 per cent of Diaryland was born.

Instead, let's use this time for some quiet reflection.

Really, can any of us have too many Monkees' lyrics at our fingertips?


Alright, that was enough quiet reflection for one day, eh.

It cracks me up that the wave of baby boomer nostalgia continues to roll along. Yes, through our numbers We Have The Power And We Can Make You Listen to The Monkees If We So Choose!


Oh, wait, did I allow the evil, maniacal joy this mindless cruelty gives me to escape the dark recesses of my soul?



P.S.--Whoever the kind soul was who signed up for a Gold D'land Membership and gave me the 20,000 bonus banners--you don't have to listen to The Monkees. You I'll spare.

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