Dear Diary:

    Okay, so here's the deal.

    I have preconceived notions about the people whose diaries I read and I find that some of these people are just getting way, way out of line.

    For instance, I'm an avid reader of the Jon Jon Diaries (and yes I know I'm being a diary slut, letting my eyes roam over sites off Diaryland, but I Have My Needs.)

    So anyhow, I get my last update notice from Jon Jon (and yes, I wrote him and got permission to quote these semi-public words--gosh, today seems to be Brackets R Us Day, eh?)

    In the notice he says he's having trouble being the bitingly funny guy he normally is because he is happy.

    He said, said he:

Sadness breeds humor in a person who knows how to handle it well. I'm lucky enough to be one of those people. So, I've been funny. Except that I'm not unhappy anymore. I'm pretty damn okay. Satisfaction is a recipe I've been attempting forever. I may have finally managed to not overcook it.

This sets a whole new challenge before me: writing about things that are good, and meaning it. No longer needing humor as a way to make rage and despair more palatable. Celebrating good things, rather than celebrating how cleverly I can frame bad things. I want to say something funny here, but I can't. I really mean this.

    Well, you can imagine how disappointed I am. Sheesh. Jon Jon, the acerbic, is being replaced by a whole other person. This Just Is Not Fair.

    We've got the same thing happening in Diaryland, too. Did you know that the formerly miserable Methybeth is now a happy blushing bride and CubicleGirl is a dyke who um comingles with a guy?


    Aren't any of you people thinking about ME and MY needs? I don't want to see personal growth or actions that go beyond any preconceptions I hold about the people behind the diaries I read. Mr. Man, if you start out being funny, then goshdarnit STAY funny. If you're sad and confused, you Better Not Straighten Out Your Life.

    I hope I can count on your co-operation in this matter.

    In return I promise the four people not related to me by blood who read this diary that you will NEVER see any personal growth or change in my diary, either.

    There. I feel much, much better.


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