Dear Diary:

����Well, we got whomped with a buttload (that would be a metric buttload, of course, since I'm Canadian, eh) of snow overnight with at least another 30 cm. or about a foot to come.

����There is now over 120 cm of snow in our yard, or roughly four feet of white fluffiness with another foot or so expected by the time this wraps up mid-afternoon.

����To give you a sense of how things look, the picture on the left was taken out our porch window late in September. The one on the right I took this morning. Yep, somewhere under all that snow is a birdbath that's three feet high. Come spring we might actually find it, eh.

Um, yeah.  Once upon a time the world was lush and green.  No, really, it was.Yep, we're looking at the same place, eh.

����So here's the memo, in case it didn't get forwarded to the right mailbox:

To Whoever Is In Charge of the Snow:

����Make it stop. Now would be good.


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