Thursday, Sept. 26, 2002
Dear Diary:

Just so you know, that big storm Isidore was created by the spousal unit.

See, there would not be any Isidore if he hadn't decided to begin work on our roof.

About two years ago we changed the roof over the main part of our house. As soon as he began to work on the roof it began to rain. Serious rains.

You'd think he might learn something from that.

You might think so, but you would be so wrong.

For nearly six weeks this summer we were in a drought. Nagging shrew Concerned wifie that I am, I suggested that maybe he should take advantage of what forecasters were predicting would be a very long dry spell to peel off the old tin, open the porch roof and get the new roof over that built.

Did he?

Oh no.

He waited. And just about the time he began to pry the tin off the edges of the porch roof and began building the sills that will support the new roof, Isidore began to form out in the ocean.



The minute the man gets anywhere near a roof clouds appear out of no where. Forecasters are predicting that in the next day or so as Isidore collides with another front we could end up with three inches of rain. Water gains serious momentum when you live in a place as steep as we do, so it could get pretty exciting.

For now we wait. He's battened down our hatches and I hope the temporary roof will keep the rain out.

In the mean time, I've learned MY lesson. Next time things get dry around here I know how to instantly break any drought. I'll just get the spousal unit to work on a roof, any roof.

It's his special gift.


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