Dear Diary:


My name is Marn.

I am a chocoholic.

Yep, there it is. I've taken the first step towards admitting and dealing with my chocolate addiction.

It isn't pretty.

The problem here is that my husband has worked for several of his carpentry clients for many years and they like to give him something for Christmas. Some give him wine, some give him exotic food treats but most give him chocolate. A lot of chocolate.

Chocolate.  They might SAY that candy's dandy but likker's quicker, but then they haven't met chocolate hussies such as me, eh. We won't discuss how much chocolate has disappeared (Marn quickly sponges the chocolate drool off her chin, tries to keep her head from lolling in a chocolate-induced buzz). Sadly, this picture shows all that is left.

So this is my first New Year's Resolution: deal with the chocolate problem. I will be doing that by eating all the chocolate, of course, thereby eliminating the problem. This is my basic mindset when dealing with New Year's Resolutions.

Now I'm sure the rest of you go into this New Year's Resolution business with loins girded, head held high and your hearts full optimism.

Big sillies.

You probably even set fairly realistic goals.

Were you dropped on your head as a child, or what?

If there is one thing my advanced years have taught me, it's that I'm bound to fail at keeping New Year's Resolutions.

There was a time when this depressed me. However, I have found a mature and responsible way to deal with this.

Do I set more realistic and attainable goals for myself?

*Snort*. Are you out of your freakin' mind?

No, I go in the complete opposite direction, setting myself goals that are utterly unattainable so that when I fail, I can fail with my head held high.

Okay, so here's the rest of my New Year's Resolutions:

1) Star in a Broadway musical (I have mentioned that I cannot sing or dance, right?)

2) Win the Nobel Prize for Literature

3) Bring peace in our time

4) Convince Harrison Ford that I'm the only woman he's ever truly loved

5) Teach my cats to bury their poop each and every time they use the litter box.

Yep, so there they are, my New Year's Resolutions for 2001.

I hope I can count on the rest of you to set equally lofty goals, eh.


Old Drivel - New Drivel

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