Dear Diary:

    So week nine of Marn Goes to the Gym and Tortures Her Body ended today and I have the sore glutes (which is gym talk for the buttal region) to prove it.

    Now, if I could only get a visual payoff for all this work. I WANT MY BUBBLE BUTT AND I WANT IT NOW, DAGNABBIT!

    Sure, my jeans are a bit looser and I'm definitely a big plenty stronger than I was, but on the other hand they won't be asking me to co-star with Arnold in the next Terminator movie any time soon.

    It appears that my body has anti-buffness genes built in.

    I'm trying not to be bitter.

    Oh, but I am, eh.

    Now that the good weather has come, I pretty much have the gym to myself on Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday mornings when I do my two hour workout. My natural affinity group, the middle-aged ladies of dubious fitness, have all disappeared. I suspect that they, unlike me, have lives.

    Now all that's left are the hardcore gym people.

    Yep, there's the guys who can bench press their body weight, have a tendency to scratch inappropriate places at inappropriate times, and, um, me. I'm thinking I may have to get me a wife beater tee shirt, some baggy shorts and start scratching if I hope to fit in with my new peers.

    From now on, feel free to think of me as Marn, Stud Muffaletta.

P.S.--Stud muffaletta was coined by Dichroic. Hey, I strongly believe in giving credit, especially to a really strong woman who has access to heavy wooden objects such as oars should she decide to smack a person around for stealing her cool word, eh. (Not that she would, but I'm not taking any chances. Oars. The woman has ready access to oars.)

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