Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2006
Dear Diary:

Oh, man, there is something about those birthdays that end with a zero, eh?

His virtual voice has been silent for quite a while, but I still miss Queerscribe. I was invited to his 40th birthday party this weekend (don't worry, it's not a surprise) but I had to RSVP my regrets.

At the best of times I don't have the kind of loot that allows me to fly across the country for a weekend. Seeing as this is fifteen minutes post-Christmas and mid-house renovation, my finances can best described as, "Do you want fries with that?" I will be arranging to get a gift to him on Friday, though.

The year I turned 50 Queerscribe organized a fabulous surprise, and had over 1,000 people sign a virtual birthday card for me. Fifty is a tricky birthday, the one where you finally have to admit that oh, man, if it hasn't happened already, then you're never going to be a disco diva. I know my three loyal readers understand how crushing it was to put that dream away.

In the darkest moments of that momentous year, I also admitted that it was time to take astronaut, Nobel prize winning author, and Broadway star off the to-do list, too. Queerscribe's funny, thoughtful gesture made the transition a lot more fun.

So here's my big birthday smooch back to him:

Smoochie Boochie Sweetie.

I ask my three loyal readers to join me and sign the comments for this entry with a birthday wish for Queerscribe. Tell your friends. Tonight I'll e-mail him the link to his virtual birthday card.

There was a time when I wondered if he would make this birthday. Two years ago I joked that it was a pity that Hallmark didn't make Get Well From Your Stabbing cards so I could send one to him.

It's very wonderful, indeed, that he's here to see that special four-oh.


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