Friday, December 6, 2002
Dear Diary:

Oh, there have been signs. There always are, but I have been deep, deep in denial.

This morning, though, as I left the house for the gym I Saw The Final Proof.

Sprinkled around the base of our birdfeeder were nuts. NUTS!

I have to face facts. The spousal unit has Joined The Dark Side of the Force.

He has become One With The Squirrels.

I know.

I am as shocked and disoriented as you are.

For years now, we have been fighting The Great Squirrel Wars, complex battles between us and furry hoardes intent on pillaging our birdfeeders.

There have been squirrel guards erected. There have been redesigns of bird feeders. There have been redesigns of the pole which holds the bird feeders. Heck, there have even been times when the spousal unit has donned his boots and actually run outside to chase the enemy off.

It has been brutal.

And then this summer two baby squirrels began to hang around our feeders. They were so exceedingly tame that you could almost hand feed them. They were also insanely cute. Looking back, I can see that they were the squirrel equivalent of The Trojan Horse.

Yes, those little furballs breached the spousal unit's defenses.


I have to face facts. I think we can all agree that this means that hostilities have now officially ceased and we have entered a golden age of peace and goodwill towards squirrels.

I know. I'm reeling. I mean, I've known the man since 1971 but now I have to ask myself, "Do I REALLY know him?"

Squirrelly. This is absolutely squirrelly.


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