Dear Diary:

One of the things I've always enjoyed about the Metro in Montreal is the buskers. When the doors open and you enter the Metro stations which permit these musicians, you never know what you're going to hear--it can be anything from classical guitar right through to a small jazz trio.

He really threw himself into I Will Survive.  It was a hoot to watch.This morning at the Lionel Groulx station while I was waiting for the subway train to come, it was a man with an electric organ playing utterly forgettable, middle of the road pop until ...

Until he caught sight of the pre-schoolers.

They were the cutest sight--a solemn chain of tiny kids walking quietly in single file, each with one hand on the back pack of the child in front so no one would get lost on their outing.

When those kids wove into sight, the busker immediately stopped the pap he had been playing and launched into an over the top rendition of that old disco classic "I Will Survive."

In a heartbeat the kids were transformed. They knew better than to let go of the child ahead, but they all began to smile and to bounce to the beat, turning what had been a rather solemn little group into a grinning pint-sized conga line.

Their happiness was contagious and everyone around them started to grin; we just couldn't help ourselves. I'm smiling now as I write this, because the image is impossible to forget.

It only lasted a few minutes at most ... the subway train pulled up, we all got on, and as spontaneously as it began it was over.

Yeah, I know ... disco.

If this is any indication, it's NEVER going to die, eh.


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