Wednesday, Aug. 10, 2005
Dear Diary:

On the surface my mission seemed so simple.

While the days are still hot here, the nights are cool now and I wanted to find a simple, long sleeved tee shirt. I think I will have better luck finding a unicorn.

I had three criteria:
1) must be a cotton poly blend since a dash of polyester helps things keep their shape
2) must be a colour I can stomach
3) must be completely free of any logos, text, or images

I cannot begin to tell you the horrors I faced in local stores.

The first tee shirt I saw was covered with the words "Naughty Girl".

Naughty Girl.

I tried envisioning my 54-year-old self with the words "Naughty Girl" swirling over my torso.

Did you know that people look very nervous when they see a 54-year-old woman in a department store cackling for no apparent reason? Oh yes, they do.

The next tee shirt on the rack had an image of a monkey with its paw thrust out, said paw wearing an enormous ring topped with sequins. Under the monkey the immortal words "Bling Bling" were written.

Do I fit into the demographic that would wear a bling bling sporting monkey on her chestal region?

No, no I do not.

A few of the other designs I saw, because, seriously, some horrors must be shared:
1) the word Hottie in sequins across the chestal region
2) the words I *heart* Me with the heart an actual heart constructed of red sequins
and my personal all time favourite:
3) a design meant to convey that oh yes, the wearer is a sk8r chick. Only one of those was left, so clearly there is a large sk8r chick population out here in the boonies.

Who knew?

Despite several hours of meticulous hunting and gathering, I must report that there was not a single, plain long sleeved cotton poly tee shirt to be found anywhere locally.

What is it with clothes? Why can't I find something simple, understated and well made in a colour that doesn't want to make me wash my eyes out with soap?

I refuse to give up. Somewhere out there is a plain, long sleeved cotton poly tee shirt completely free of images, words or logos. I just know it.

It's probably in a store where unicorns shop.


P.S.—What he said.

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