Dear Diary:

    Some serious Dutch crushing happened over the last week as more Diarylanders joined the incredibly cute yet deeply feared Team Newkirk, vaulting us up ten places in the world SETI rankings to an amazing 126.

    Honey, we DA MAN. I don't want to brag about size, endurance, or how quickly we can get it up. That would be tacky. We'll just let our impressive units speak for themselves.

    Yep, we'll let our units speak


    and again,

    and again ...

    Whew. Is it getting warm in here, or is it just me?

    Alas, all is not perfection.

    We still haven't heard from the little green guys, not a peep. Kind of disappointing since this is the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence and all. You'd THINK that what with all the effort we're putting into this we would at least get a Christmas or Chanukah card.

    Nope. Nada, zip, zilch, rien. They don't write; they don't call.

     (Although Becca over at Frank got a unit that set off all the SETI bells and whistles so maybe I shouldn't be too hasty. I was reading that the heavy duty analysis of unusual units will only start in the new year. So maybe we HAVE heard from them ...)

    Fortunately, while we await word from the green guys, we have that all important Dutch crushing to keep us amused. I thought our ten place leap had pretty much snuffed those SETI hooligans, but to my amazement I find they are everywhere.

    For instance, have you checked out the team directly ahead of Team Newkirk, the team which will next feel our power, something called Exe Technologies? Look at where they have offices ... the U.S., Great Britain, AND THE FREAKIN' NETHERLANDS.

    Those warmongering, power-crazed Dutch are everywhere, I tell you, everywhere.

    This Dutch crushing is going to be harder than I thought. I may have to lay in a few more cans of whup, eh.


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