This is the management speaking. Normally the boring Marn diary is the sort of very boring diary you can let your grandmother read without worry. Yes *that* boring. Not like some diaries we could name. Tsk, tsk, tsk. (Uncle Bob, now *he's* funny.)

Recently Marn became an aunt by adoption to someone we will not name here. (Uncle Bob) Is this person a bad influence? You be the judge. No one under 18 for this one, please.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming.

Dear Diary:

    What is it about men and their ummm ...

    (Marn is beet red, perspiration beads on her forehead, but suddenly her face brightens as she recalls the lyrics to an old 1950's tune) rama-lama-rama-rama-ding-dongs? Can anyone tell me why so many of their you-know-whats have nicknames?

    Look guys, don't deny it, we women all know it's true. Let's see, I've heard of Little Elvis, "Nessie" as in Loch Ness Monster, Cockzilla …

    Anyhow, as an act of pure, random silliness I give you (could I have a drum roll please?)

The Log O' Love Poll

    C'mon guys, tell us what you've christened your dangly bit. If it doesn't have a nickname, tell us why not.

    And ladies, if you have draped a moniker around the sceptre that crowns your beloved's family jewels, hey, you know we wanna hear from you too.

    Let the games begin. Further bulletins as events progress.


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