Friday, Jul. 15, 2005
Dear Diary:

For the last week my trainer and I have been quietly waiting for the biopsy results which would indicate whether or not the skin cancer has begun to travel towards the brain of her best friend.

Today she told me the biopsy results are good, but her friend is far from out of the woods. It will be a while before they know whether or not they got all the melanoma, the most virulent form of skin cancer.

A wonky mole caused the problem and by the time C. had it looked into, the cancer had begun to spread its tentacles. She's had all the lymph nodes taken out from under her arm and it's swelled incredibly, leaving her vulnerable to a travelling blood clot that could cause a stroke or heart attack.

It's been a grim few weeks of intense physical and mental pain for C. The last thing a woman who's barely 30 expects to face is the thought that she might leave her husband a widower, not live to see her young daughter grow up.

If you had asked me to make a list of people most likely to live to be 100, I would have put C. at the top of this list. She's makes healthy food choices, keeps her weight under control, works out regularly, and is one of those people who brings a grin to the face of anyone who knows her.

But oh, man, the woman loved to tan.

I know there is a lot of controversy about sun exposure and there is some evidence that our bodies need a modest amount of sunlight to get the Vitamin D we need.

Everyone agrees, though, that a sun burn is very, very dangerous. Please, please be careful about how much sun you and thems what you love get.

Don't end up like me, having big hunks of skin carved off your face.

Don't end up like C., wondering if you're going to live through your 30's.


P.S.—Many thanks to the running geeks amongst my three loyal readers who have given me lots to think about. I'm inserting a plateau and more cross-training into my cardio program in order to preserve my aged knees.

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