Wednesday, October 2, 2002
Dear Diary:

We have been going through a stretch of insanely wonderful weather for this time of year.

(And oh, yes, don't think I don't realize how excited you are to have me talk about the weather here. Oooooh, weather talk. It doesn't get much more scintillating than THAT, eh?)

But the thing is, we're a month past our normal frost date and still there's no frost in our forecast. It's warm and wonderful outside and every bone in my body yearns to go out there and cavort.

Oh be quiet. Middle-aged women can too cavort. We can.

Sadly, being self-employed and all, instead of cavorting I must lash myself to my computer today. You would think that the world would have come to its senses by now, and would give everyone one paid Cavorting Day a year, but alas, it has not happened yet.

I propose we remedy this inexplicable oversight.

And so I have begun my one woman campaign for International Cavorting Day.

Girls just wanna have fun, eh

I don't know about my three loyal readers, but I know I need this in my life.


P.S.--I would like to thank the kind folks at Tallulahs for the use of the photograph of "Miss Fernande" taken by French photographer E. Jean Agelou (aka JA) around 1900.
P.P.S.--Some of the images at Tallulahs, while antique, are adult in nature. If you are easily offended please give the link a pass.

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