Wednesday, Jul. 28, 2004
Dear Diary:

I get to march in Pride on Sunday in Montreal.

Clearly, the homos, lezzies, bi's and trannies will let just about anyone join in on Homopalooza these days. Where oh where are their standards?

I am, of course, giddy with anticipation.

The bank where my daughter works is participating in Pride and she's offered me a spot in their group. How insanely cool is it that Pride has become so mainstream that that most conservative of institutions, a bank, is taking part?

My thoughts, exactly.

I must confess that I have mixed feelings about Pride parades. Sometimes I think that some of the spectacle only serves to confirm more conservative people's misconceptions about homosexuality. That part makes me wince.

Are my gay male friends all cross-dressers with a massive collection of wigs and a big enough eye shadow collection to paint a house?

Um, no.

They're just guys living everyday lives who happen to be wired so that they love other men instead of women.

Are my lesbian friends all short-haired, plaid and work boot wearing dykes with a chained wallet hanging out of their back pockets?

Um, no.

They're just women living everyday lives who happen to be wired so that they love other women instead of men.

Judging what it is to be gay by the stereotypes you expect to see (or the more outrageous spectacles you're going to see) at a Pride parade is kind of like judging what it is to be heterosexual through watching a bunch of Shriner clowns driving their itsby bitsy cars through their parades, or what it is to be from the Carribean by watching the Caribana parade.

Pride is part celebration, part politics and a big hunk of 'tude with sprinkles.

And it goes without saying that I will be bitterly, bitterly disappointed if I don't see a bunch of gymtastic guys wearing nothing but body paint, glitter and matching thongs.

Don't judge me.

We have seen enormous changes towards homosexuality here in Canada during my lifetime. We got rid of our sodomy laws in the 1960's and despite the dire predictions that there would be a complete social breakdown, it just didn't happen.

Unless, of course, you count the big hair and mullet trends of the 1980's (which I would like to point out that we overcame. Eventually.)

It's taken a generation, but the next logical step has come to pass. Our Supreme Court has recently ruled that not allowing homosexuals to marry is discrimination and that our provinces have to amend their family law. Not all provinces have done that yet, but Quebec (where I live) has.

So when I march on Sunday, there will be something to celebrate, something to dance about. But there's still lots to march for—the majority of Canadian provinces still must amend their laws to allow everyone to marry, and we need to reform our family laws (including our divorce laws) to recognize the new changes.

Yep, we have a ways to go yet.

But we've come a very long way indeed.


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