Dear Diary:

    I say we march on Australia and take back what is rightfully ours!

    Are you with me on this, people? (I would be talking to both my loyal readers and since Bologna36 has already pledged himself to the battle, that just leaves one of you.)

    Um, oh yeah.

    Loyal Reader #2 wasn't part of our chat, so maybe I should explain.

    The People's Lunchmeat and I were chatting about how these ever shorter and colder days are leaving both of us tired, a tad gloomy and listless. As we were mourning the loss of summer and sunlight, I had my epiphany.

    Blame it on the Aussies, eh.

    Oh yeah, they'll mutter something about the earth being tilted on an axis and all, that it's the southern hemisphere's turn for summer, but basically we all know it's an excuse, eh.

    Our summer and sunlight have been quietly disappearing. To where have they gone?

    I'll tell you where--to OZ-FREAKING-STRALIA, that's where.

    Hence my call to arms.

    My original plan was to land our Take Back Summer Invasion at Bondi Beach (home of Olympic Beach Volleyball, eh) but I hear those wiley Aussies are trying to throw us off the scent by having weeks and weeks of rain in Sydney.


    So for the moment, it's back to the drawing board for the invasion plans. Planning something of this magnitude takes time, eh. I promise that I WILL recover our sunlight and summer no later than May, 2001.

    There will be further bulletins as events progress.


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