Dear Diary:

Scary pictures from our past. We all have them, but mostly they're locked up in still, dark places, far from the eyes of the world.

Let's just blame the ugliness which is to follow on the irrepressible Catie Cake because she did it first and I'm just copying her.

However, to understand the TRUE horror of the picture which follows, you need a little background. Up until this point, I'd lived all my life in cities. I'd worked very hard to get a university education, worked as a journalist, and I'd always been a committed feminist. When I married my husband nearly 26 years ago, I kept my maiden name which was very unusual for the time.

So what's so scary about this picture?

Well, here I am, down on the farm, barefoot and pregnant. Feminist? Did someone say feminist?

Not only was I having a bad hair day, heck I was having a bad body day.  I squeezed the kid out a week after that picture was taken.

Heck, not only was I having a bad hair day (a flip? Why in the name of all that is holy did I have my hair in a freakin' FLIP?), I was having a bad body and bad attitude day as well. But then, I was about a week away from squeezing the kid out, so what can you expect?

Frankly, I think I win the scary picture thingie hands down. My picture is MUCH scarier than Catie's--I mean, all you're looking at there is Catie in a stud sandwich. HAH. I have far worse hair, I look like I swallowed a watermelon, I have a bad attitude AND my shirt says, "I'm not fat, I'm pregnant."

Yes, definitely, I win.

Somehow, I'm thinking this is not a good thing.


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